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University Of New Hampshire Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

For all award-winning projects in progress, the R and D under which the prize was awarded continues to be applied. This rate is used until the premium expires. This does not include competing claims if the renewal year for which you are applying for funds has been allocated in the original award document. Undocumented or undocumented cost-sharing makes the UNH vulnerable to audit results. Compulsory or voluntary? Cost-sharing is considered “compulsory” or “voluntary.” The share of third-party costs When necessary to meet mandatory sponsorship requirements, third-party cost-share is subject to the obligation to participate. Please note that if it does not pass or is not prohibited by the sponsor, the amount of participation in the fees must come from other academic sources, or lead to a fee leave and a refund to the sponsorship agency. Because the federal government does not provide detailed guidelines for determining the share of project activities off-campus, determining the applicable research and development rate is not an exact science. To determine whether the threshold of >50% for off-campus designation is met, The ORA will take into account project staff expenses, expenses, payment of facility rent relative to the direct cost of the project, duration of the lease relative to the period covered by the project, whether project staff are subject to on-campus constraints, with access to libraries and research facilities, during work in the leased facility, and other relevant factors. The intention of the Confederation to have an external campus and the ability of the tariff decision to withstand the review are also taken into consideration. With the approval of the cost-sharing form, the Dean/Director approves the faculty member`s entire effort (paid and sponsored) for the project, as described in the proposal. The Dean/Director also agrees to ensure that the faculty member`s efforts for sponsored projects related to his or her other university functions and responsibilities do not exceed 1 FTE when the project is funded. Organized research is a research and development activity of an institution that is budgeted and accounted for separately, including federally funded research and development, state-funded research training activities, in conjunction with and in the same institutions as federally funded research and development, and institutionally funded research and development (2 CFR – 200 Annex III.1.b). “Research” is defined as a systematic study based on broader scientific knowledge or understanding of the subject under review.

“development,” the systematic use of knowledge and understanding from research to produce useful materials, equipment, systems or methods, including the development and development of prototypes and processes. 1.2 Directive: If any of the following indicators are available, the Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) is responsible for the recruitment, negotiation, receipt and management of the grant, contract or cooperation agreement (`price`) on behalf of the University of New Hampshire (University), with the exception of student grants. Estimating the cost of a research project is inherently unpredictable; Especially since the way research progresses is itself unpredictable. Experience facilitates implementation, and a liberal re-budgeting authority for sponsors (if offered) makes a precise estimate less critical.

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