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Town Of Caledon Collective Agreement

Let`s make June 21 a national holiday. Sign the NDP petition. Read the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and think about how to support calls to action. Invite a speaker to your next meeting to talk about truth and reconciliation. Ask for CUPE`s indigéous Awareness workshop and our human rights course. Make employment equity a negotiating priority. Make sure you have a job that welcomes Aboriginal workers by building a collective language that meets their needs. Recognize Aboriginal territory in all your meetings and partner with local Aboriginal communities and organizations. Encourage and encourage Aboriginal events and representation of interests. Seniors living in long-term care have lost laws that have finally introduced vital minimum standards of care, because the Prime Minister has decided it is more important to deliver a Speech from the Throne that does nothing but rehabilitate old promises, said CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn at Queen`s Park. I know that in some cases, the leaders of the union and corporate committees that come from Unifor did the right thing and resigned. And in some cases, they struggle to stay in their leadership positions. I will provide you with a new update in early February.

In the meantime, please know that I am committed to working with other labour leaders to bring our movement under one roof. Leaders of all of Ontario`s major unions are meeting this week to find the most effective ways to work together. And we will reach out to all of our coalition partners across the province to ensure we continue to work together. CUPE Local 966 represents nearly 3,500 members working in public administrations, social institutions, public works, water and wastewater, public transport, long-term care, as well as emergency shelters and support centres. By deciding to dissociate themselves from the CLC, Unifor members lost their rights to participate in the CLC, their professional associations and their corporate committees. And it`s very unfortunate for our movement and for Unifor`s incredible and dedicated worker activists. But these are the consequences of their decision. “This bill was written with something behind the head that protects the health and dignity of our seniors who live in Ontario`s care homes,” said NDP health critic France Gélinas at a press briefing at Queen`s Park on the eve of second reading. “Families in this province are concerned about the long-term care their loved ones receive. If we want to protect our most vulnerable citizens, a minimum of daily care is a must. In 1964, millions of Canadians counted their pennies to pay the doctor; Today, all Canadians are insured. Yet medicare costs far less than the U.S.

system, which leaves millions of Americans uninsured or underinsured. The U.S. health care system, the most expensive in the world with more than 17% of GDP, is two-thirds more expensive than ours. If we spent as much on health care as our neighbours to the south, that would be an additional $150 billion a year. And yet, what is remarkable is that the average Canadian lives three years longer than the average American. In 1964, after three years of study, Justice Emmett Hall, the progressive Conservative justice and chairman of the Royal Commission on Health Care Services, recommended that Canada create a universal health insurance system. Politicians took the ball and ran with him, and for two generations we have medicare. It`s not perfect, but compared to what`s happened before, it`s an overwhelming success.

When it comes to receiving medical treatment from a doctor or hospital, Canada has general health insurance. In the United States, this is what Democratic Presidential aspirants are about to contact American voters under the banner of “Medicare for All.” CUPE is committed to cooperation with indigenous nations, communities and reconciliation organizations.

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