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Amazon Rsu Agreement

12 Agreement on Useful Definitions: (Alias Grant Agreement or Award Agreement) The RSU agreement is a legal document that sets out the terms and conditions for your premium. Fair market value: the average price at which all shares are sold on behalf of Amazon employees to cover the withholding tax on a Western RSU date. Grant: A price from RSUs. Grant or award date: the date the award was awarded to you. Restricted Stock Unit (RSU): An RSU is entitled to receive an action from, Inc. in the future, as long as you meet certain conditions. If an RSU premium vest is, the shares automatically become you. Shares: shares of a company representing the property. Unassigned grant: the part of a grant that has not yet met the vesting criteria set out in the grant or award agreement. A grant for the free movement of persons: a grant that meets the “vesting” criteria set out in the grant or award agreement. Prohibition period: The length or waiting time before the RSUs vest.

Vesting calendar: the number or percentage of RSUs transferred over a period of time and the dates on which they are transferred. Form W-9: a form used by a U.S. person to determine the tax status for U.S. withholding tax purposes. W-8BEN Form: Form used by a non-U.s. Foreign corporate and corporate tax statements. If so, this form can be used to require a reduced rate or withholding exemption as a resident of a foreign country with which the United States has an income tax agreement. 10 4 What do you need to know, what is an RSU? A restricted Stock Unit (RSU) is a right to a share of common share after you have completed the prohibition period. Who can get RSUs? In general, all full-time Amazon employees in the U.S.

are entitled to RSU bonuses. When will RSUs be rewarded? As a general rule, all eligible Amazon employees receive an RSU bonus at the time of hiring. Additional RSU premiums, if available, will be set annually in April. What is a premium agreement? The RSU Award Agreement is a legal document that describes the terms and conditions of your award. B for example the number of RSUs assigned and the vesting requirements. If it`s time to review and accept your agreement, it will be booked into your online RSU account and you`ll receive a notification from Amazon`s stock manager, Morgan Stanley. How many RSUs should I receive? RSU premiums are based on the level of employment. Other factors may also be taken into account. B for certain job and job categories, such as employee pay margins and annual performance audits.

What is a period of vesting? The banning period is a period that you must work full time as an Amazon employee so that your RSUs can become shares. If you received z.B on April 1, 2013 10 RSUs with a two-year blackout period, the blackout period for these 10 RSUs would end on May 15, usually to meet the vesting requirements, you may not have a suspension of service during the blackout period, and you must be employed full-time at the time of the RSUs-Weste.

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