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Aad Enterprise Agreement

I also recommend checking out the Azure Enterprise Scaffold. If you want to settle your azure/subscription agreement, this is a very valuable asset! We help you analyze if there is a way to use the primary UW Azure AD client. If not, we`ll look at whether UW-IT needs to manage your Azure AD customers or if we`ll delegate administration to you. We can also consider whether it is possible to add your Azure AD customers to the UW Enterprise agreement. . A corporate contract (EA) is the business relationship between Microsoft and your organization`s use of Azure. It provides the basis for billing on all your subscriptions and affects the management of your digital succession. Your EA registration is managed by the Azure EA portal. Registration is often the hierarchy of an organization with departments, accounts and subscriptions. This hierarchy represents cost registration groups within an organization. Among the most important of these effects are the protection of contractual data as well as the increase in licensing costs for the UW, but all are worth thinking about. A concise and understandable article that helped me really understand how everything fits together. Especially the EA parts! However, there are a number of specific scenarios in which these benefits are not significant and for which a new Azure AD client may be recommended.

Scenarios in which this may be the case include: is it complex? Unfortunately… Yes, yes. Does that bring work? It`s hell! 😉 personally, I have done it several times to move things from my personal sandbox to a common team membership. You are right. He`s going to take away all the RBAC. My proposal would be to use the RBAC within the management groups and add the subscription to a management group immediately after the transfer. Business scenarios are by nature generally quite complex… As Azure is used to managing these scenarios, I must admit that the complexity to understand the above is not always a gift. Although I hope this blog has been informative and clarified things for you! In most scenarios, you should not create a new Azure AD client, but rather use the primary UW Azure AD client.

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